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Important Features To Look For When Buying A Pram For A Newborn Baby

Investing in a high-quality pram for your child is a smart decision. Chances are you will continue to use the same pushchair for the first few years of your child’s life. Because of that, it is worth spending a little bit of money on a high-quality model that will last. There are some important features that you should look for when buying a pram for a newborn baby that can help ensure that it works the way that you expect it to.

First and foremost, you need to think about safety when purchasing a stroller. Carefully inspect the frame in person, looking for any sharp edges that may harm your child. Also, make sure there are no areas where your child’s hand or fingers could get pinched. The stroller frame itself should lock into position so that it won’t collapse while your child is inside.

A pram with a canopy is ideal for a newborn since they often need to be protected from the sun or weather. The canopy can help keep them shaded on sunny days, and can help keep them dry if it happens to be raining outside.

Choosing a stroller with onboard storage is also a smart move. For instance, having a basket underneath the seat can give you a place where you can put your diaper bag or other baby gear. This can make it far more convenient to take everything that you need with you when you are out and about.

In terms of the performance of the stroller, it should be easy to maneuver and should fold down to a small size for transporting it in your vehicle. The height of the handle should be comfortable for you to use so that you don’t feel like you have to hunch over or stretch to reach it.

Keeping these features in mind when shopping for a pram for a newborn baby can help ensure that you make the best possible choice.

Why Spending Less on a Pram Can Leave You Paying More

Any new mother knows that the expenses that come with rearing a child are numerous and often pretty egregious. The baby care industry is well aware that they hold a captive audience of fussy moms, and they take this as an opportunity to consciously pad the prices of their products. The result is that baby food costs much more than adult food, and infant formula rivals gold in terms of price per pound. In many cases, mothers find themselves spending more every month on their babies than on every other member of the family combined.

This record of shady pricing is especially noticeable in the pram market. The prams advertised on television and in magazines often cost a cool hundred pounds, with jogging and versatile prams often costing a premium beyond that. These are prices associated with doctor’s exams and televisions, not a glorified chair with wheels. In these circumstances, it can often be tempting to respond to the siren call of budget baby supplies. While you wouldn’t consider cheap diapers or an inexpensive pacifier, it really doesn’t seem like it can do much harm to buy a more affordable pram.

Well, the problem with buying a cheap product is not that it will harm your baby, but that it can do serious damage to your wallet. Cheap prams often have frames and components made out of plastic, which easily shatters under minimal stress. Fabrics are not stain proof, and wheels seem to go out of alignment after just a few weeks of use. In the long run, a pram with a higher upfront cost will often end up costing less overall. Premium prams are made with better materials and workmanship, and retain much of their value after use. If you want to be a financially savvy mom, it can pay dividends to consider a better-made pram.