Graco Evo Mini Pushchair


Three Wheeler


Front facing

Multiple recline options, including flat-lie

Age Suitability

Birth up to 3 years

Folded dimensions

79 x 48 x 22 cm

Five point safety harness


This three wheel pushchair's dimensions are 79x48x102 centimetres, folded 79 x 48 x 22 centimetres and it weighs only 6 kilograms. It has multiple recline positions, including a flat position, so it is comfortable especially for young or sleeping children. Its lightweight design and lockable front swivel wheel make it really easy to manoeuvre and, moreover, it is a very compact pushchair with an easy one-hand folding feature. It is suitable from birth until three years of age, furthermore, it features a five-point safety harness for extra safety and a big shopping basket for all of your stuff.


This is a great holiday pushchair because it is lightweight, compact and you will have no problems transporting it.

It’s impressive that this kind of pushchair weighs only 6 kilograms because the wheels might be small, but the rods are pretty thick and sturdy, protecting it from easy damage.

It can be folded with one hand and has a lock to keep it closed.

It has a sun screen, which can shade your baby, when he/she sleeps.

It has a very big shopping bag, which can hold plenty of shopping should you need to go to the supermarket or into town to pick up a few things.

This model is more stylish looking than it’s competitors.

You can put footmuff in for more warmth on a cold autumn evening walk. I did like the padded straps, it is a good feature, which gives your baby more comfort.


Because of its light weight, you must be careful of your toddler swivelling around in it, because the pram can easily tip it over.

Moreover, you cannot put anything heavy on the handle because this pushchair can fall backwards, again due to the lightweight nature of the product.

And you have to be careful when you manoeuvre with this pushchair, because it can tip over, you must hold it tight. These are the most dangerous characteristics that pushchair can have because it can lead to bad consequences.

They should have created longer straps for the pram, because many reports state that they’re too short and can be very tight, especially for big babies.

It is not suitable for bumpy roads because of the small wheels which make it hard to push over difficult terrain.


This is a sturdy pushchair and it is great if you have a small car, because you can fit it in almost every car`s boot. It may be a look a little cheap and be not as durable as other more expensive pushchairs, but you really can’t ask of anything better for this price, if you are looking for a compact pram for active lifestyle at a bargain, this is the product for you!