Graco Trekko Duo


Three Wheeler


Front facing

Multiple recline options

Age Suitability

Birth to 3 years

Folded dimensions

55 x 66 x 125 cm

Five point safety harness


Graco Trekko Duo Pushchair - Sports Luxe is a top selling pram. It is a modern 3 wheel stroller which can be transformed into a tandem. You can fold it with one hand and it has height adjustable handle from 94 to 125 centimetres. It features a five-point safety harness, for the safety of your child. It has two seats, the front seat is suitable to use from birth to 3 years (0 – 15kg), the back seat is suitable to use from 6 months to 2 years ( max. 15kg). For more comfort, you can recline them both. Its dimensions are 125x66x108 centimetres and it weighs 17 kilograms. You can pair this pushchair with Graco Junior Baby 0+ car seat and transform it into a handy travel system.


One feature that lots of people really like about this pushchair is its design. It looks stylish and sporty in black, with black rods. It looks like the Lamborghini of pushchairs.

Furthermore, I like that they added the second seat which is removable when not in use, making more space for groceries and stuff like that.

Also, there is a bumper bar for extra safety, so your child does not fall out if the pram is stopped abruptly.

It's really handy that this product goes hand in hand with the car seat to make it a complete travel system should this be required. It really saves you space not having to have two big pieces of equipment to carry around, especially in a small car.

This pram also comes standard with a big sunshade and rain coat to provide protection from all types of weather.

The wheels are padded, which prevents the possibility of a flat or damaged wheel when you’re far from your home.


I have admittedly not used this pushchair in a real life situation with two babies, but I can imagine there might be problems with space between two of these seats. I mean, if you let the first one all the way down and the second all the way up, there would be no space for the child in the second seat.

Also, if you are using public transportation, in some cases, the width of the two back wheels is too big to fit through doors.

Before buying this kind of pushchair, consider if your car is big enough for it, because it may fit into the boot of a car the size of a Volkswagen Polo, but there would be no more space for other things. With a big car like an Audi Q7 or BMW X5, there would be no such problem, of course. It is foldable, but still, takes up a lot of space.


In conclusion, this is a pushchair for everyday use around the neighbourhood etc. Don’t get me wrong, it is mobile, but is not necessarily the type of pram you would want to take on a trip, there are smaller pushchairs for that purpose.

It can be used as a city pram and maybe on some more bumpy country roads because it has relatively big wheels which can handle that sort of terrain. Thirdly, you must bear in mind that it weighs 17 kilograms, add to it a 10kg child and you have to push nearly 30kgs around. You should be confident that you can carry this pram upstairs and be able to push such a heavy weight for extended periods of time before you purchase. This is durable pram with good quality, sturdy material, it will not bend and will probably serve you for a long time.

Overall, this pushchair is worth the money, it has a nice design and high technical performance.