Graco Mirage+


Travel System


Front or parent facing options

Multiple recline options

Age Suitability

Birth up to 3 years or 15kg

Folded dimensions

34 x 49 x 88 cm

Five point safety harness


The Graco Mirage+ Travel System is a duo containing Graco Mirage pushchair and car seat. The pushchair has four wheels, is a forward facing and has a five point harness. Its weight is 7 kilograms and dimensions are 92 x 49 x 103 centimetres. For sunny days, you can extend the hood to provide protection against the sun. The car seat has a three-point harness, padded back with 3 position recline and a carrying handle. It is suitable from birth to 3 years or 15 kilograms. This travel system also comes with a raincoat.


Its lightweight design makes it easy to pick it up and fold, and also makes for easy pushing of the pram.

The pram has a 5 position back recline, so you can get your baby as comfortable as possible when going for longer walks.

You can easily assemble it and it is practical.


The first thing I noticed was that straps were not padded and I think they should be, because when the baby grows up and gets bigger, the straps become tighter, so padded straps would stop the straps causing potential discomfort, that may become painful if there is bare skin.

Furthermore, if you are driving with a child in this seat and you have to break sharp, padded straps come in real handy.

Many have reported that they do not like the design, the materials and wheel look cheap and flimsy.

Moreover, this stroller has small wheels, so is rendered useless in the mud or in the snow, where pushing it can become really difficult.

Also, the material on the handle looks like its could fall off anytime soon.

I’ve read that car seat does not really provide a sleeping position for your baby, so parents should be careful not to put newborns babies in it, so not to damage their head and back, because their bones have not been developed by that time and it can be potentially dangerous.

The shopping bag is too low on the back when you fill it with groceries, they can sometimes fall out.

There are problems with the rain coats on other prams where the full pram is not covered, but there is no problem with this one which is made very nicely.


Perhaps it will not be as durable as other more expensive travel systems over prolonged use, but my findings are that the car seat is easy to use, the whole system works really nicely, and definitely worth the money.

The pram frame itself may be not convincing, with it`s small wheels and flimsy appearance, but it does the job as a occasional stroller well. I think it depends on how you use it, if you can see yourself using it on bumpy roads, the rods and wheel will be broken in the matter of weeks, but if you use just for a run to the shop down the road, it will serve you just fine and you can get it for an acceptable price.